Film Standbild Dr. Beate Wolf

Hello, my name is Beate Wolf. I am looking for partners to promote and realize energy-saving projects ranging from zero-energy homes to solarpower stations on roofs!

Do you own an old building and want to improve its energy balance? I will help you to find the best solution for your project with regard to economy, ecology and esthetics.

My role model is La Foce in southern Tuscany. When I painted it I didn't know anything about its history. But I was deeply touched by its simple beauty. La Foce: A manmade piece of art formed throughout the centuries.

It was developed by Iris and Antonio Origo in the nineteen-twenties and -thirties. At that time erosion was a big problem, 90 percent of the farmers were illiterates. Until 1939 the Origos expanded the road system, built a school and a hospital and renovated numerous tenant homes. By applying the most modern methods of their time they laid the foundation for today's wealth.


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